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For a non-profit group, value is everything. With low budgets and high expectations, you need a Coach bag at a Target price. Here’s the good news: with a substantial portfolio of non-profit work, Spaces Group has the experience and know-how to meet your highest hopes while maintaining your bottom line.


Washington, DC

Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C., one of our country’s historic treasures, engaged Spaces Group to plan the furniture in their newly renovated six-story administrative building, adjacent to the theatre. With a limited budget and unlimited expectations, Spaces Group provided a solution that fit the space, maximized the workflow, all the while allowing the natural light to filter through the space. The end result was an aesthetic sophistication and precise functionality to a space that was more than deserving. Like Lincoln, who was widely recognized as one of the great American orators, the furniture doesn’t speak loudly or use overly verbose language. Rather, this space is powerful with a clear and well designed furniture message, creating an aesthetic with duty to posterity.

Project Photography by Max MacKenzie

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